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Elementary class takes advantage of new technology
Student using the new Osmo system. 
Students in Kelly Post’s class have had the chance to use Osmo, a new piece of technology that provides students with a tangible play approach to learning. Students use the Osmo manipulative kits to reinforce math and ELA concepts. 
Post said she had purchased these sets for her own children, including creative, coding, words, numbers, and tangrams. Seeing the benefits, she talked to the district, which purchased five “genius kits” for her classrooms. These kits include the numbers, words, and tangram sets. 
For math, the Osmo addresses basic numeration and fact fluency for addition and multiplication. In ELA, the Osmo addresses mainly phonics – segmentation and blending of sounds. 
Post said it’s been a great tool for differentiated instruction, specifically for reninforcement of concepts. The coding and creative sets are used for incentives and enrichment. 
“The students love using the Osmo technology as it promotes independence and can be tailored to meet their individual skill levels fostering success,” Post said. “It’s a great hands-on intervention that keeps kids actively engaged.”
Students using the new Osmo system.
Student using the new Osmo system.
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