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Sidney Central School District News Article

Sidney CSD and SFCU partner for virtual learning experience

SFCU and Sidney partnershipSidney CSD Director of Curriculum and School Improvement Tony Stenta and Sidney Federal Credit Union Financial Education Program Coordinator Elise Glassett. 

The Sidney Central School District and Sidney Federal Credit Union recently partnered for a program in financial education. The program was piloted through the district. 
Elise Glassett, who serves as SFCU’s Financial Education Program Coordinator, taught the classes virtually. She worked with seniors in Scott Hertzog’s and Makayla Pydych’s English classes. 
The two-day session was meant to keep financial education as an essential part of students’ education, as well as being able to work on their personal financial skillset. SFCU has recently committed to building a Financial Education Resource Library, and all teachers have been invited to request topics they would like to have created for students. SFCU’s content in the library is free.
Glassett noted she hoped students understand that money is a tool and financial freedom is essential to personal freedom. 
SFCU offered two virtual presentations – one that is live and one where the content is pre-recorded. Sidney’s classes took part in live presentations where they were able to interact. In the future, once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the option for in-person presentations will resume. 
It was also announced that SFCU will offer its debit cards with the Sidney CSD logo.
“This Sidney Central School District has been working with Sidney Federal Credit Union for the past two years to institute this community partnership,” said Sidney CSD Director of Curriculum and School Improvement Tony Stenta. “We are excited to watch this grow in the coming years and see the continued positive impact on our students and community.” 

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