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Sidney Central School District News Article

Bus Riders of the Year

The annual Bus Riders of the Year luncheon was held at the end of the school year. 

Listed below are the riders of the year and the bus driver. 

Bus drivers are in parentheses. For a gallery of photos, please visit our Facebook page!

Congratulations to all! 

  • Jacob Anderson (George Walker)

  • Athena Lemons (Emily Hotaling)

  • Natalie Ruling (Randy Gransbury)

  • Dean Goebeler (Sean Brigham)

  • Jayden Thompson (Philip Gilbert)

  • Sawyer Backus (Tracy Russell)

  • Jackson Crandall (Ken Thornton)

  • Samantha Spinu (Jim Button)

  • Caidyn Lambrecht (Greg Martindale)

  • Kristen Pepper-Cole (Rich Rutenber)

  • Cole Godek (Karen Walker)

  • Catch Donnelly (Mark Hotaling)

  • Francisco LaBoy-Diaz (Carl Scarduzio)

  • Hailey Charles (Greg Prentice)

  • Kira Rickard (Anne Gordon-Muller)

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