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Second quarter awards: Grades 6-12
Please see below for the awards for the second quarter for grades 6-12. 
These awards include Superintendent's List, High Honor Roll, and Honor Roll.  

Superintendent’s List: Airiana Anderson, Camille Bagley, Quinton Beckwith, Muhammad Bhatti, Myanna Dickey, Lillian Kirk, Evan Kraiza, Saryah Mayne, Joshua McNamara, Alexandra Neubert, Maya Paul, Aiden Robinson, Emily Russo, Logan Russo, Zoe Sullivan, Chloie Taylor, Connor van der Sommen, Isabella West, and Katelynn Youngs.

High Honor: Tanner Alger, Ian Ayala, Frederick Becker, Ellie Brown, Josephine Butler, Sarah Crowley, Alex Galley, Gavin Granger, Quinn Gronwall, Nicholas Hartwell, Zebb Henness, Caidyn Lambrecht, Caden MacPherson, Jacob Maniscalco, Bruce Mistler, Aidan Moodley, Emily Morris, Anthony Obeada, Alexander Restaino, Carson Strauss, Emmy Swinarski, Jacob Thiel, Travis Weeden, and Reece Yeomans.

Honor Roll: Austin Anderson, Nathan Artis, Devin Charles, Samantha Constable, Paige Duchnowski, Alexis DuMond, Angelina Goble, Nevaeh Hutter, Nicholas Ildefonso, Tamra Ingle, Hayes Macy, Alyssa Marcellus, Kae’Leigh Mundy, Adrianna Odell, Jaden Prentice, Landon Ruling, Wilson Simmons, Mackenzie Springer, and Bri Taylor


Superintendent’s List: Molly Barnes, Madison Becker, Allayna Bidwell, Isabelle Briggs, Ava Cirigliano, Pyper-Scout DelReal, Helen Howard, Chelsea Jerman, Megan Lewis, Elaina Neubert, and Makayla Ruiz.

High Honor: Makayla Bales, Cassandra Cole, Kelcie Cowan, Olivia Gavin, Kayleigh Gonzalez, Cole Goodspeed, Renee Gregory, Katelyn Jackson, Elif Kaptan, Justice Lane, Brandon Miller, Fabiana Nicolas, Justin Northrop, and Rachel Wahlberg.

Honor Roll: Corbyn Anderson, Devin Baker, Marissa Beckel, Riese Brainard, Joshua Clarke, Ashlie DeCutler, Abbigail Granger, Matthew Grow, Angelle Irwin-Cole, Dominik Karwowski, Natalie Markgraf, Logan Nordberg, Vincenzo Sagarese, Pecabo Scott, and Kyle Smith


Superintendent’s List: Holly Bookhout, Emma Constable, Olivia Figary, Liam Gronwall, and Tyler Sellards.

High Honor Roll: Wesley Alger, Connor Allen, Asma Butt, Mia Freudenmann, Cassidy Gascon, Kenzie Gregory, Emma McKown, Daniel Morris, Kirsten Pepper-Cole, Aura Sanchez, Louis Siegenthaler, and James Turner.

Honor Roll: Shawn Bennett, Deven Brienza, Bailey Bush, Lincoln Constable, Keegan Fife, Natalie Gower, Brock Harvey, Nathan Jackson, Jordyn Jones, Zachariah Jones, Benjamin Miller, Kyleigh Phillips, Joseph Thiel, and Kyle Volodin.


Superintendent’s List: Madison Burnett, Bailey Gifford, Maegan Mazzarella, Cullen Miller, and Faith Wheeler.

High Honor Roll: Clifford Artis, Samuel Bagley, Marannda Barnes, Garrett Beckwith, Lucas Carroll, Michael Cox, Anna Dewey, Ashton Hanrahan, Christopher Howard, Kyra Moorhead, James Orezzoli, Renee Pecor, Dru Sheffield, and Anna Tomeo.

Honor Roll: DanielD Amaro Cintron, Connor Bacon, Saadia Butt, Alec Fogarty, Hannah Hasselbarth, Casey Hingos, Yousaf Iqbal, Emily Jones, Hunter Langstaff, Kayla McEwan, Charles Miller, Elliana Rodriguez, Zachary Starr, Dylan Swinarski, Michael Thiel


Superintendent’s List: Michael Beards, Kaitlin Bookhout, Dylan Neer, Katelyn Stosko, Dhalia Van Kingsley, and Meghan Worden.

High Honor Roll: Savannah Baldwin, Sarah Bessett, Samuel Cole, Matthew Cox, JonMarick Crawford, Madisyn DelReal, Olivia DeMott, Aidan Hawk, Zhiyan Jin, Jonathan McNamara, Ethan Moodley, Anthony Morris, Peyton Mosher, Christopher Prentice, Schuylar Rowe, Ryan Secor, Camden Speenburgh, Daressa Stevens, Megan Youngs

Honor Roll: KaydiLynn Ambrose, Kaitlin Bartels, Landon Bowie, Angel Bryan, Daniel Calkins, Marissa Church (Russell), Carter DuMond, Parker Hinkley, Bradley Marcellus, Kevin McEwan, Kyle Riesen, Olivia Ryder, Tiana Savino, Kori Scott, Owen Walley, Brian Wells, Kyle Wheeler


Superintendent’s List: Kaitlyn Brown, Liam Matthews, and Lindsay Pierce.

High Honor Roll: Noah Artis, Molly Babcock, Kiana Bacon, Madison Blincoe, Khadija Butt, Madison French, Hannah Gray, Meghan Greco, Hailey Hoag, Christian Hromada, Baylee Jones, Samantha Matzel, Makayla Phillips, Haley Smith, and Mathew Smith.

Honor Roll: Levi Boenke, Tanner Boice, Michaela Cotten, Lindsay Frederick, Hailly Gopel, Robert Greenblatt, Hannah Gregory, Timothy Grow, Danika Harvey, Wyatt Kiff, Haley Larson, Hailey O’Day, Jorja Roefs, Glenn Rogers, Donald Ryder, Mikayla Stefanek, and Mohammad Daniel Zahid.


Superintendent’s List: Hannah Calkins, Lexi Cooper, Joseph Dewey, Matthew Hoskins, Aidan Neer, and Collin Searles.

High Honor Roll: Dylan Becker, Rhiannon Brienza, John Fink, Mariah Gifford, Michael Gravelin, Ryan Harris, Jordyn Lang, Hilde Savino, Andrew Thompson, and Christina Worden.

Honor Roll: Kaylie Bowers, Raine Brienza, Dexter Daroja, McKenzie-Lyn Edwards, Hailey Fraser, David Gannon, Levi Green, Alexandra Johnson, Christopher Kenny, Michael Mazzarella, Brandyn Wagner, Caitlin Wormsley, and Jade Wright.
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