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November Communication
November Communication 

The first quarter is quickly coming to a close and students are gearing up for final exams.  We are very pleased about the start to the school year and the many improvements we have made to our facilities and to our continued academic growth.  Our district has significantly improved its academic standings and has continued to provide a significant increase in summer programs, college courses, improved facilities, and student/community programs, all while maintaining negative tax levies for the past four years.  These programs and successes are a direct result of the teaching staff, support staff, and administration working collaboratively for one common goal.

We also realize that our district must continue to improve.  Staff have been very busy understanding the Common Core standards, reflecting on prior teaching strategies, and looking to improve overall student achievement.  We recognize our state test scores have significantly improved, but we also know that test scores alone are not a true indication of student future success.  As a result, this year we have started to measure Lexile reading levels and Quantile math levels.  This universal screening method allows our staff to recognize weaknesses in curriculum and allows for staff to make the necessary adjustments.  We also know that the upcoming changes to the SAT and ACT will dictate students not only do well on state Regents exams, but must also be improve their reading skills.  This focus on national indicators of reading and math levels will tremendously help us monitor the continued improvement of our district.  We know these terms and expectations can be cumbersome to understand.  As a result, we are hosting a series of Family Engagement Nights that are designed for parents and community members to come to “class” and see specific strategies, gain ideas, and better understand what our children are learning.  We encourage you to take part in these. 

In addition, we are eager to hear from you and have setup an email address that goes directly to the Board of Education.   Many times misinformation is given out and we all wonder on how the information is communicated.  This communication vehicle ([email protected]) will provide anyone with the opportunity to ask questions, leave comments, or just clarify something they have heard.  We will ensure that every email is answered and if it is not directly related to our function as a Board of Education, then we will direct it to the Superintendent to address.  Also, the district continues to update the district webpage ( and the district Facebook page ( 

As always, your children’s success in a strong public education system is our primary goal.  We welcome your input and hope to continue to have you as an educational partner that places preparing our children for the future as its primary goal.


Sidney Central School District

Board of Education