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Students spend spring break in Costa Rica
Students in Costa Rica
For a group of Sidney CSD students, spring break was spent traveling to and learning about Costa Rica.
Experiences the students had were plentiful, as they traveled throughout Costa Rica along with chaperones Mary Rajner Morris, who teaches Spanish at Sidney CSD, and Karen Mertz.
Activities included the following:
  • Pineapple tour
  • Coffee tour
  • Chocolate tour (learned how they grow, process of picking etc., as well as sampling)
  • Zip-lining over the canopy of the rain forest
  • Hiked up and down the more than 500 steps at La Fortuna Waterfall
  • Hiked Santa Helena Cloud Forest and Manuel Antonio State Park
  • White-water rafting
  • Swimming in the naturally heated volcano springs
  • Kayaked around Arenal Volcano
  • Took a tram ride over a rain forest
  • A cultural dance night with audience participation (a few Sidney students took part)
  • Eating authentic casada food, including fruits like guayabana and cas, and fresh native pineapple
  • Saw the flora and fauna of Costa Rica, including sloths, howler monkeys, bloue morpho butterflies, toucans, iguanas, scarlet macaws, snakes, and crocodiles
The trip helps students have cultural exposure, as well as a chance to test out their Spanish, and try new activities.
A trip to Greece is planned for spring break 2024. Information about that will be available soon.

More photos can be seen on our Facebook page.