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Senior, teacher honored at Scholar Recognition banquet
Scott Hertzog and Liam Gronwall receive their award

Sidney CSD senior Liam Gronwall and high school teacher Scott Hertzog were honored for Sidney for the 2023 Scholar Recognition program. 
The program honors students and teachers from schools in the DCMO BOCES and ONC BOCES districts. One student from each school is recognized for outstanding scholastic achievement. That student then nominates a teacher who has had a significant and beneficial influence on their education.
Liam Gronwall
When it comes to Sidney’s 2023 Senior Scholar, Valedictorian Liam Gronwall unequivocally fits the bill. He typifies the scholar that teachers all wish we had year after year. He is hardworking, diligent, thoughtful, considerate, far more mature than his peers, and most importantly, he can take a joke. He is an Eagle Scout, member of the band, class president, Spanish Club member, and he participates in sports. Being the president of his class, he leads on every event and detail – he’s what is needed in a president, working side-by-side with the advisor to make senior year special for his classmates. Liam excels masterfully in all of his subjects and finds time to tutor his own peers. Being a good-natured and industrious young man will suit him next year when he plans to attend Scranton University to study business administration for his MBA. 
Scott Hertzog 
(as written by Liam Gronwall)
I would like to recognize Mr. Scott Hertzog as my chosen mentor. He has been instrumental in helping me to complete my high school English requirements in a non-traditional way. When I was faced with a scheduling conflict, Mr. Hertzog was willing to adapt and make a creative solution. He has supported me in an advisor capacity through my participation in student council. His feedback is honest and always timely. He attends extracurricular activities and gives his time outside of school hours to encourage his students. Much appreciation to Mr. Hertzog for challenging me throughout my high school years.