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Three winter teams earn scholar-athlete honors

Three Sidney Central School District teams were honored as scholar-athlete teams by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) for the winter sports season.
To be recognized as a team, 75 percent or more of the team members must be at or above 90 percent and the overall team GPA had to be at or above 90 percent. 
The teams recognized were girls indoor track and field (97.9), boys indoor track and field (95.4), and girls basketball (94.6).
Individuals on other sports teams who earned GPAs of 90 or above were also recognized as scholar athletes. The highest GPA on each team was also honored as a MAC scholar athlete.
Photos of the teams, as well as individual athletes are below.
Girls indoor track and field scholar athletes
Girls winter track and field (97.9): Front (from left): Fabiana Nicolas, Dejah Taylor, Alexandra Neubert, and Elaina Neubert. Back (from left): Shannon Crowley, Isabelle Briggs, Megan Lewis, and Camille Bagley.
Boys indoor track and field scholar athletes.
Boys winter track and field (95.4): Front (from left): Carson Strauss, Gavin Granger, and Travis Weeden. Back (from left): Joshua McNamara, Aidan Moodley, and Michael Morrissey. 
Girls basketball scholar athletes
Girls basketball (94.6):  Front (from left): Emily Morris, Samantha Constable, Makayla Bales, and Isabella Conroy. Back row (from left): Isabella West, Bri Taylor, Nayla Miley, Maya Paul, and Ava Cirigliano. 

Individual scholar-athletes for winter 2024
Individual scholar athletes: Front (from left): Isabella Phelps (wrestling), Jalen Reardon (boys basketball),and Addisyn Umbra (girls bowling). Back (from left): Cassandra Cole (girls bowling), Madison Becker (girls bowling), Connor van der Sommen (boys basketball), and Matthew Greene (wrestling). 
MAC scholar-athletes
MAC scholar-athletes: Front (from left): Isabella Phelps (wrestling), Cassanda Cole (girls bowling), and Camille Bagley (girls track and field). Back (from left): Isabella West (girls basketball), Aidan Moodley (boys track and field), and Connor van der Sommen (boys basketball). 

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