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Athletic awards ceremony held

The 2023-24 Sidney CSD athletic awards were recently handed out during a ceremony in the high school gymnasium.
Below is a list of winners.
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Special award winners
  • Rodney W. Gossoo Award: Dylan Easton
  • Girls Basketball Defensive Award: Bri Taylor
  • Paul Kohler Memorial Award: Quinton Beckwith
  • Harry T. Doi Award: Caden Higley
  • Coaches Award: Abdieliz LaBoy Diaz and Elaina Neubert
  • Douglas Quinney Award: Alexandra Neubert and Gavin Granger
  • Isaac Nieves Character Award: Makayla Bales
  • Andrew Burpoe HEART Award: Fabiana Nicolas and Nicholas Hartwell
  • Regina Reynolds Award: Isabelle Briggs and Makayla Bales
  • Mary Morrison Award: Ava Cirigliano
  • Francis L. Redmond Scholar-Athlete Award: Elaina Neubert
Team award winners:
  • Field hockey: Makayla Bales (Outstanding Athlete) and Molly Barnes (Sportsmanship)
  • Football: Dylan Easton (Outstanding Athlete) and Cole Goodspeed (Sportsmanship)
  • Golf: Anthony Conroy (Outstanding Athlete) and Mason Lent (Sportsmanship)
  • Boys soccer: Travis Weeden (Outstanding Athlete) and Brandon Miller (Sportsmanship)
  • Girls soccer: Elaina Neubert and Zoe Sullivan (Outstanding Athlete) and Elaina Neubert (Sportsmanship)
  • Volleyball: Bri Taylor (Outstanding Athlete) and Gabriella Gavin (Sportsmanship)
  • Boys cross country: Josh McNamara and Carson Strauss (Outstanding Athlete) and Tanner Alger (Sportsmanship)
  • Girls cross country: Isabelle Briggs (Outstanding Athlete) and Grace Green (Sportsmanship)
  • Boys basketball: Jalen Reardon (Outstanding Athlete) and Dylan Easton (Sportsmanship)
  • Girls basketball: Ava Cirigliano (Outstanding Athlete) and Isabella West (Sportsmanship)
  • Boys bowling: Caidyn Lambrecht (Outstanding Athlete) and Noah Hutter and Hunter Allen (Sportsmanship)
  • Girls bowling: Cassandra Cole (Outstanding Athlete) and Victoria Reigles (Sportsmanship)
  • Boys indoor track and field: Aidan Moodley (Outstanding Athlete) and Tanner Alger (Sportsmanship)
  • Girls indoor track and field: Dejah Taylor and Isabelle Briggs (Outstanding Athlete) and Elaina Neubert (Sportsmanship)
  • Wrestling: Caden Higley and Isabella Phelps (Outstanding Athlete) and Matthew Greene (Sportsmanship)
  • Baseball: Quinton Beckwith (Outstanding Athlete) and Nicholas Hartwell and Hayes Macy (Sportsmanship)
  • Softball: Ava Cirigliano (Outstanding Athlete) and Katelynn Youngs and Trinity Lowe (Sportsmanship)
  • Tennis: Gavin Granger (Outstanding Athlete) and Leelah Charles and Gregory Bales (Sportsmanship)
  • Boys outdoor track and field: Jalen Reardon (Outstanding Athlete) and Tanner Alger (Sportsmanship)
  • Girls outdoor track and field: Dejah Taylor, Alexandra Neubert Elaina Neubert, Abdieliz Laboy Diaz (Outstanding Athlete) and Elaina Neubert (Sportsmanship)

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