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Law and Government class holds mock trial

Mock trial participants

Students in Lori DePauw’s Law and Government course spent the semester learning about law, as well as both criminal and civil court cases, and the trial process in the courtroom.

The annual mock trial was held Friday, with two sides arguing their case in front of Sidney CSD teacher Wayne Allen, who served as the judge.

The case centered on police officer Paul Parnes, who in the midst of attempting to break up a flash mob, made a split-second decision to shoot a dog he felt was in the situation of preparing to attack him, or others. The case showed the plaintiff (dog owner), who was seeking more than $1 million in damages, had brought the dog (a pit bull) out during the situation.

Each side presented their case and students portrayed every role, including the attorneys, plaintiff/defendant, and witnesses.
In the end, Judge Allen ruled defendant Parnes was in his right to defend the situation, though he did award a much smaller monetary award to the plaintiff.

The trial is held in the school auditorium, and throughout the trial different classes come to watch everything unfold.

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