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Sidney Central School District News Article

REMINDER: Sidney CSD kindergarten registration remains open

REMINDER: Registration for all Sidney Central School District students who are eligible to enter kindergarten in September 2021 is currently open.  
 Parents must call Tammy Osborne, the district’s registrar, at 607-561-7728, to set up an appointment to register their child. During registration, they will be asked to present their child(ren)’s birth certificate(s), immunization records, and proof of residency. There will be additional paperwork to complete. 
 To be eligible for kindergarten, a child must be five years old on or before December 1, 2021. A child who turns six at any time during the school year must attend school at the start of September the following year. 
 It is important that all district kindergarten entrants for September 2021 register at this time. If you have any questions, please call Jill Brazee at 607-561-7701 or Tammy Osborne at 607-561-7728.

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