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Seven fall teams earn scholar-athlete honors
For possibly the first time in school history, all seven fall teams have earned scholar-athlete honors by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.
To be recognized as a team, 75 percent or more of the team members must be at or above 90 percent and the overall team GPA had to be at or above 90 percent. 

The teams recognized were field hockey (94.3), girls soccer (92), boys soccer (91.5), volleyball (91.4), boys cross country (91.1), golf (90.2), and football (90.1).

Those recognized on each team are as follows:

Field hockey: Sarah Bessett , Kaitlin Bookhout, Madison Burnett, Ava Cirigliano, Olivia DeMott, Bailey Gifford, Hannah Gray, Adrienne Paternoster, Makayla Phillips, Hailey Smith, and Faith Wheeler.

Girls soccer: Kiana Bacon, Savannah Baldwin, Michaela Cotten, Meghan Greco, Hannah Gregory, Kyra Moorhead, Jorja Roefs, Emma Simmons, Tara Smith, Anna Tomeo, and Meghan Worden.

Boys soccer: Connor Bacon, Keegan Bacon, Liam Gronwall, Tim Grow, Hunter Langstaff, Anthony Morris, Danny Morris, and Ryan Secor. 
Volleyball: Kaitlyn Brown, Kenzie Gregory, Bailey Jones, Amber Rogers, and Aura Sanchez. 
Boys cross country: Noah Artis, Sam Bagley, Jonathan McNamara, Glenn Rogers, and Conner Thomson. 
Golf: Ryan Cole, Michael Cox, and Ben Miller. 
Football: Cameron Chabot, JonMarick Crawford, Anthony Giordonello, Robert Greenblatt, Liam Matthews, Kevin McEwan, Peyton Mosher, Lauro Obeada, Christopher Prentice, Schuylar Rowe, and Dylan Smith. 

Pictured below is each team, as well as the Midstate Athletic Conference scholar-athletes. That award is for the student with the top GPA on each team.

2019 fall scholar-athlete teams: Field hockey
Field hockey: Front (from left): Ava Cirigliano, Hannah Gray, and Sarah Bessett. Back (from left): Madison Burnett, Kaitlin Bookhout, Bailey Gifford, Adrienne Paternoster, Makayla Phillips, Olivia DeMott. Missing: Faith Wheeler and Hailey Smith.
2019 fall scholar-athlete teams: Girls soccer 
Girls soccer: Front (from left): Savannah Baldwin, Kyra Moorhead, Emma Simmons, and Meghan Greco. Back (from left): Tara Smith, Anna Tomeo, Meghan Worden, Kiana Bacon, and Hannah Gregory. Missing: Michaela Cotten and Jorja Roefs.
2019 fall scholar-athlete teams: Boys soccer 
Boys soccer: Front (from left): Connor Bacon, Hunter Langstaff, and Keegan Bacon. Back (from left): Liam Gronwall, Tim Grow, Ryan Secor, Anthony Morris, and Danny Morris.
2019 fall scholar-athlete teams: Volleyball
Volleyball (from left): Bailey Jones, Kaitlyn Brown, Kenzie Gregory, and Amber Rogers. Missing: Aura Sanchez.

2019 fall sports scholar-athlete teams: Cross country 
Boys cross country: Front: Conner Thomson. Back (from left):  Noah Artis, Jonathan McNamara, and Sam Bagley. Missing: Glenn Rogers.

2019 fall scholar-athlete teams: golf
Golf (from left): Ben Miller, Ryan Cole, and Michael Cox.

2019 fall scholar-athlete teams: Football
Football: Front(from left): Liam Matthews, Peyton Mosher, Lauro Obeada. Back (from left): Schuylar Rowe, Kevin McEwan, JonMarick Crawford, and Christopher Prentice. Missing: Anthony Giordonello, Cameron Chabot, Dylan Smith, and Robert Greenblatt.
2019 fall MAC scholar-athletes 
MAC scholar athletes: Front (from left): Kaitlin Bookhout (field hockey), Michael Cox (golf), Meghan Worden (girls soccer). Back (from left): Liam Gronwall (boys soccer), Robert Greenblatt (football), and Noah Artis (cross country). Missing: Kaitlyn Brown (volleyball). 
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