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Sidney central
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About Us


Sidney Elementary School has three highly trained certified professional school counselors. Our team is dedicated to helping students achieve their highest potential and becoming lifelong learners. Together our team collaborates and consults with teachers and administrator to establish student success. Our comprehensive school counseling program aligns with the American School Counselor Association's National Standards. Our team focuses on strategies and activities to improve the academic, career and social/emotional development of students. Our goal is to advocate for students and ensure a comfortable learning environment for everyone. 

What do school counselors do?

  1. Individual counseling
  2. Small group counseling 
  3. Classroom Curriculum
  4. Responsive Services 

What school counselors help with

  1. Issues affecting students' success in school.
  2. Short term immediate needs.
  3. Social/Emotional skill development.
  4. Character education

Limitations to counseling

School counselors do not handle:
  1. Mental health counseling
  2. Long term counseling
  3. Diagnosing students