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Continuum of Services

Continuum of Services

Regular Classroom

The student receives whatever services are available to all students. In addition, indirect services in the form of consultation to the classroom teacher may be available from instructional specialists, administrators, or other members of the interdisciplinary team. Specific suggestions for certain students may include modification of curriculum, individualized instruction or use of different materials and testing modifications. Indirect services may also be provided through in-service training. Regular program includes services to declassified students.

Consultant Teacher Services

Consultant teacher service means direct and/or indirect services, provided to a student with a disability in the student's regular education classes and/or to such student's regular education teachers.
Direct consultant teacher services means specially designed individualized or group instruction provided by a certified special education teacher, to a student with a disability to aid a such student to benefit from the student's regular education classes.
Indirect consultant teacher services means consultation provided by a certified special education teacher to a regular education teacher to assist them in adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying their instructional methods to meet the individual needs of a student with a disability who attends their classes.

Special Class

Special class means a class consisting of students with disabilities who have been grouped together because of similar individual needs for the purpose of being provided specially designed instruction.

Self-Contained Class

Special class programs may be provided for students who need primary instruction from a special education teacher for a significant portion of their day or who need intensive, coordinated case management for multiple or intense needs. Social, physical and / or management needs can be addressed in a special class setting also. Instruction by the special education teacher may be provided in a separate special education room or in the regular classroom.


The school district may contract with our regional BOCES to provide a learning environment or services that meet the individualized needs of a student.

Special School (Private Day Placement)

Similar to the full-time special class, this program is in a special school serving only disabled students with intensive needs. Students live at home.

Residential School

Student needs intensive instructional programming extending beyond the regular instructional day. Twenty-four hour-a-day comprehensive services are provided in publicly or privately supported residential settings.

Home and Hospital Instruction

Home instruction means special education is provided on an individual basis for a student with a disability confined to the home, hospital, or other institution because of a disability.