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SHS Library Policy

1. All materials borrowed from the LMC are to be checked out at the circulation desk. All books except reference materials may be checked out for a period of three (3) weeks. Reference materials such as encyclopedias, biographical references, and vertical file folders do not circulate.

2. Periodicals (magazines and newspapers) do not circulate; they may be read in the library.

3. We are members of the Delaware-Chenango School Library System. As such, we have inter-library loan privileges with other school libraries, academic (college) libraries, and the public library systems. If we do not have what you need ask and ask early! Then we can borrow it for you.

4. Be prepared to spend the entire period in the library. You may go to another classroom or office only if you have a pre-signed pass stating the date and time.

5. During 5th and 6th periods lunch, the library is open to students for academic purposes only.

6. The LMC is your place to do research, study, and read in a quiet atmosphere. Students using the LMC will be given priority in the following manner:
  • Holding pre-signed passes from teachers for library research; 
  • Having valid research to do; 
  • Wishing to do homework in a quiet atmosphere; 
  • Reading.
7. No Student will be permitted in the LMC more than one (1) period per day without the librarian's permission.

8. Students may sign out for the library from their study halls. Each student will sign out by writing his/her name and reason for going to the library. The last person to sign out will bring this list to the library, where the librarian will take attendance. Rules of behavior in structured study halls also pertain to the LMC. Students who do not behave appropriately will be sent back to study hall and can expect to lose their privileges to use the library for a period of time.

9. For your convenience, the library is open from 7:50 a.m. until 3:10 p.m. The only time the library is closed to study hall students is when a class is using it for research purposes.

10. Students are to sit four at a table and work quietly, respecting other students' rights to learn.