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Voice Recognition

Year-Two Study Resources

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Los Verbos

These are the verbs we learn in class. These are the verbs you need to know. Learn the first ten, see if you can remember the signs, too.

Pronombres (Pronouns)

These are the subject pronouns you need to know for class, like I, you, he, she, we, you, they

Using Verbs

These are the verbs we'll be using in class.
Pronoun list to use with verbs
Read the lyrics to this song about things in a house
You can use this picture to ask and answer questions about where things are in the house.
These are the words we'll be studying in our 'In a house' unit.

Places (Los Lugares)

These are the main words for places we study in our class together.
These are extra place words you'd want to learn after learning Place I vocabulary.
A great way to practice places and verbs that we learned previously. Remember to watch the ASL video version in class.

Farm Animals

All the vocabulary we'll study in class


All the occupations we'll be studying in class