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Sidney CSD adds electrostatic system to help with cleaning
The Sidney Central School District has recently started using the Clorox Total 360 system, which helps add an extra layer of protection against germs. 
The system utilizes electrostatic technology, along with disinfecting and sanitizing solutions. The system was first put in place by the district to help reduce common illnesses, such as cold, flu, and fast-spreading norovirus.
The cold and flu season can be challenging for districts. Proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols are important to minimize student absences.
“Health has to be taken seriously within a school district because if students and teachers are sick, it can have an effect on all students,” said Michael Pavlovich, Sidney’s administrator for business and support programs. “Education has to be our top priority, but to be successful, students and teachers being present is critical.”
Sidney implemented the Clorox system to supplement manual cleaning efforts, enabling the surface coverage throughout classrooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, cafeterias, and school buses. The district has three systems – one for the elementary/middle school, one for the high school, and one for the transportation center. 
The system works by charging and atomizing the Clorox disinfecting or sanitizing solution and delivering a powerful flow of charged particles that are attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity. This allows the solution to uniformly coat surfaces, including the hardest-to-reach places, such as sides, underside, and backside of surfaces. Those spots are often where germs hide out. 
Sidney Superintendent Dr. William Christensen said he had experience with this system while leading a district in Arizona, and said it is a wise step to take at Sidney. 
“Upon implementing the system at my previous district, we were able to reduce common illnesses and increase attendance rates,” he said. “Seeing how effective the system was at reducing illness, I knew it would be a great addition to bring another level of protection to Sidney.”
More photos are below: 
The Clorox cleaning system
The Clorox cleaning system

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