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Guidance FAQ


How do I get on the Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, or Superintendent's List?
An honor roll is published from the principal's office three times a year to recognize students who are achieving academically at a superior level. There are three levels: Honor, High Honor and the Superintendent's List.
To be placed on the Honor Roll list, a student must achieve an overall average of 85 or higher. To be placed on the High Honor list, a student must achieve an overall average of 90 or higher, and have no grade lower than 70. The Superintendent's List honors our highest academic achievers. Students with a quarterly average of 95 or above will be named to the Superintendent's List for that marking period. All subjects given a numerical mark are counted in the overall average.
How do I obtain driving privileges?
Juniors and seniors who are passing all of their classes may drive their vehicles to school, as long as they register their automobiles in the main office at the beginning of the school year.
Sophomores and other underclassmen are required to get special permission from the assistant principal or principal. Driving to school is a privilege, not a right. A student's driving privilege may be revoked for poor academic performance or for disciplinary problems that include, but are not limited to: skipping classes, unsafe driving, or disruptive or disrespectful behavior in school.
What is academic restriction?
Students who are failing two or more classes will be placed on academic restriction. The goal of the program is to help students function successfully on their own without restriction.
A student will be taken off academic restriction as soon as a report card or progress report shows the student is no longer failing two or more classes.
Did I make honor roll?
At the high school and college levels, an average (Grade Point Average, or GPA) is calculated based on the credit value for each course. A full year course, which meets one period every day, all year, has a credit value of one. A half year course which meets every day for a half year has a credit value of .5 credit. Likewise, a full year course which meets all year, but meets every other day, has a credit value of .5 credit. BOCES Career and Technical Education programs carry a credit value of 4 credits, since these courses are 1/2 day programs. Weighted classes use the weighted grade in calculating an average.

To calculate an average, each grade for each class is multiplied by the credit value of that class. These multiplied values are then added together. The sum is then divided by the total number of potential credits earned for the courses.

For example:
 Class Grade  Credits  Calculation  Value  
 English 11 87  1  87 x 1 =   87 
 US History 92  1  92 x 1 = 92 
 Psychology  89  .5 89 x .5 =  44.5
 Chemistry 93.2 1 93.2 x 1 = 93.2 
 Trig 85 1 85 x 1 = 85
 PE 100 .5 100 x .5 50
 PLTW: PoE 103.4 1 103.4 x 1 =  103.4
 Spanish IV 104.5 1 104.5 x 1 = 104.5
 Total:  7  659.6
 Divided by 7 94.229 GPA   
Congrats! High Honor Roll!
Honor Roll = Overall average of 85 or higher and no grade below 70
High Honor Roll = Overall average of 90 or higher and no grade below 70
Superintendent’s List = Overall average of 95 or higher, no grade below 70