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Voice Recognition

College and Career Exploration

Why should we start talking about it now?

  • To help students' identify areas of interest
  • Develop understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the meaning of college
  • Identify the meaning of careers
  • Establish goals for our future
Every child UPK-6 has a college and career folder!


Students are always excited to have the counselors visit their classroom for classroom curriculum. Counselors teach the difference between a job and career and discuss the benefits of starting early. counselors help students identify their strengths and weakness. Students are able to focus on their skills and interest and identify what they want to be when they grow up.


  • A computer program that will allow you to track your college and career exploration experiences
  • Will be used throughout the remainder of your school career
  • Helps you explore college and career options
  • Take interest inventories
  • Compile resume type skills
  • Keep track of awards and honors and extracurriculars


Getting Started

Each year, our career curriculum aims toward helping students gain an understanding about:
What is college?
What are the different types of colleges?
What are the different types of degrees?
How to get into college?
During the sixth grade, students have the opportunity to visit a local college on a field trip. Students have the experience to tour the campus and talk to admission advisors. The field trip allows student to explore the classroom and speak with department faculty about diverse areas of study.