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Voice Recognition

Star of the Month

Star of the Month

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Once a month, students are selected by their homeroom teacher and recognized on the morning announcements for demonstrating excellent character throughout the month. If your child is recognized, he/she will receive a certificate, star of the month pencil and their picture will be displayed on the Star of the Month bulletin board for everyone to see! 


Lunch Time Superstars

Students selected are student that have continually shown great behavior in the cafeteria! These students are always considerate, respectful, responsible, and always use their manners during lunch! These students will receive a free trip to the ice cream sundae bar!

Class Awards

We recognize classes that have done an excellent job in their special area subjects! These classes are selected by the special area teacher for displaying excellent behavior, following directions and showing interest in the subject! 
The golden Sneaker Award- is given to the class that displays excellence in PE. these class is also respectful, patient and shows integrity!
The Golden Robot Award- is given to the class who exceeds expections in Robotics. The class that receives this award has followed directions, and has worked very hard during the month. 
The Golden Music Note Award- is given to the class who displays excellent behavior in music. This class always pays attention, follows along and is respectful during music.
The Golden Paintbrush Award- is given to the class that demonstrates excellent character in art. This class follows direction, pays attention, and keeps the room clean and tidy! 
The Golden LMC Award- is given to the class who follows directions, listens closely, and is best behaved during their LMC class time.
The Golden Character Award- is given to the class that demonstrates patience, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence during their education lessons with a school counselor. 
The Golden Hall Pass Award- is given to the classrooms who walk the hallways quietly. these classes are respectful of the other students who are in class by being quiet and walking in the halls.