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Facility Use Information

Consistent with Board Policy and applicable law, the District encourages the greatest possible use of school facilities. Any such use will comply with the following:

1) Requests for use of school facilities must be submitted to the  Superintendent or its designee at least two (2) weeks prior to the anticipated activity.  Approval of facility requests will utilize the priority schedule referenced in Policy 3280.

For the current calendar of availability and how to sign up, please visit this link.

2) A custodian or district employee will be on assigned duty at all times when facilities inside a school building are in use. Custodians or assigned district employee will be charged on an hourly basis according to the fee schedule.  Any exceptions from the fee structure must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.  

3) The Sidney Central School District may not aid or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, country of national origin, religion, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, military status, veteran status, disability, or use of a recognized service animal. Community groups and organizations should review their use of school facilities request for conformity. The District reserves the right to require evidence of compliance with civil rights law. However, in accordance with law, the District will not discriminate in its community use of school facilities against any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America or any other youth group listed in Title 36 of the United State Code. Nor will the District deny such access or opportunity for reasons based on the membership or leadership criteria or oath of allegiance to God and country. However, such use must be in accordance with the District's community use of school facilities guidelines.

4) All activities conducted on school property must conform to federal and New York State laws, municipal ordinances, and District policies and regulations.

5) Organizations authorized to use school facilities assume responsibility for the conduct of both participants and spectators. Each group must designate a responsible adult representative who will be present at all times.  This adult representative is in addition to the assigned district employee.  

6) School facilities must be left in the same condition as they are found. Desks, displays, etc. should not be disturbed. All electrical equipment or movable properties owned by the District will at all times remain under the control of the District.  If technology equipment (computers, lights/sound in auditorium, scoreboards, or other technology) is being requested the district will assign a staff member to the event.  The cost of the staff member will be charged according to the fee schedule.

7) The District will assume no responsibility for equipment or property belonging to a community group or organization. Such property may not be stored on school property, unless specifically approved by the Superintendent or its designee.

8) Community groups will be liable for any damage to school property resulting from activities they sponsor. A check of the school facility will be made before and after each activity by the "person in charge" and the custodian or district assigned employee.

9) If the pool is to be used, one adult lifeguard at a minimum, with a valid certificate must be on duty for every 3,400 square feet of pool surface area.  In the event the lifeguard is providing instruction or is subject to distraction, a second person, who is certified  must be in the pool for bather supervision and injury prevention.  Costs of the lifeguards will be paid by the organization in accordance with the fee schedule. Final determination of the number of lifeguards will be done by the Superintendent of Schools or designee. Rules for use of the pool are posted in the pool room and must be strictly observed.

10) Kitchen facilities are only available by prior arrangement with the Superintendent and only when a Food Service employee is on duty. The cost of the assigned food service employee will charged in accordance with the fee schedule.  

11) Vehicles are not allowed on grassed areas or athletic fields. Parking for any large event should be controlled by sufficient personnel. Use of auxiliary police for this purpose may be required. Any and all charges associated with the use of such services will be assumed by the organization.

12) Admission charges, approved registration fees, or concessions may only be administered as stated on the request.

13) Except for rest room facilities, participants and spectators should remain in the area or room assigned for an activity.

14) The District assumes no liability for injuries resulting from community group activities. For certain activities, the District will be required to submit a certificate of liability or insurance bond to the Superintendent  or  its designee.

15) The District or its representative will have free access to all facilities at all times.

16) The District reserves the right to revoke authorization to use school facilities at any time.

17) The use of tobacco products on school grounds or within one hundred (100) feet of the entrance, exit or outdoor area of a school is prohibited.  Likewise, no person may knowingly possess alcoholic beverages and/or illegal or non-prescribed "controlled substances," as defined by Penal Law Section 220.00, on school grounds.


School sponsored events will be scheduled through the school and will not have any charges
For Profit and non-school related organizations will be charged according to the posted fee schedule.  Any changes must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.
  • Classroom Use: $5 per hour
  • Cafeteria: $10 per hour
  • Gymnasium: $25 per hour
  • Auditorium: $25 per hour
  • Transportation Center: $25 per hour
  • Stadium Field: $20 per hour
  • Baseball Field: $20 per hour
  • Softball Field: $20 per hour
  • Management fee (fields): $25 per use
  • Pool: $25 per hour
  • Stadium Lights: $25 per hour
  • Custodial/Supervision charge is $20 per hour per person. (Saturday after 1 p.m. is $27.50 per hour, per person; Sundays and holidays is $35 per hour, per person). 
  • Lifeguard charge is $15 per hour per guard.
  • Food Service staff charge is $20 per hour

50% of all approximate rental fees must be paid prior to final approval.  Any changes to the rental payment requirement must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.

To access the calendar and/or to make a request for facility use, please visit the following link: