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From the desk of Superintendent Eben Bullock

If you look back through the history of school districts, they are often the hub of a community. 

From school pride and cheering on athletes, to watching kids grow through the arts, to attending shows, and plays put on by the school or community organizations, a district is the heart of many communities, especially in smaller towns and areas. 

Sidney is no different. Superintendent Eben Bullock and family

Over the past decade, the Sidney Central School District has worked extremely hard to build relationships with businesses and organizations in the community – all with the mindset of finding ways our students can benefit. When our students grow and blossom not just within our walls, but by using the many resources available to them locally, it is good for everybody. 

Take for example some of our most recent partnerships. 

The district has paired with The Raymond Corporation for several years. From that partnership blossomed a welding room at the school, allowing students who are part of the BOCES program to hone and work on their skills when they aren’t at BOCES. It’s also allowed these students to work with Raymond staff members and, in turn, it’s allowed our students to get jobs that pay well right after graduation. 

These relationships became possible because of partnerships, which makes the district want to continue to find ways to work with others in the community. 

Not all students have their mind set on going to college. Some want to enter the workforce, and having the ability to hone a trade and work directly with a large area corporation has benefited students. 

Sidney Federal Credit Union is another business we’ve partnered with recently. SFCU has worked with some of our teachers on financial planning for our seniors. It doesn’t matter if students plan on four years of college or going right to work, having the understanding of personal finances, as well as decisions one makes with money can impact them for the rest of their lives. 

This program benefits students by showing many basics, and also covering financial topics so when the students leave Sidney CSD, they have a grasp on what they need to watch for and work on so they don’t get into financial ruin at a young age. 

In past years we’ve worked with various organizations and businesses for smaller ventures as well. The Sidney Police Department, Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, and New York State Police have been important to the continuation of supporting the district’s safety team. The Sidney Fire Department comes to the school to explain fire safety each year, and also makes sure when we have students ready to celebrate championships, they lead our students back into town with great fanfare. Bassett Healthcare has a school-based clinic on campus, allowing our students additional access to health professionals. 

Businesses have been important, too. Great American has helped the district with the backpack program, which has helped families throughout the district get much needed meals for the kids. Organizations are no different and ones such as the Sidney Rotary Club have been very involved in our school. 

Our community can continue to grow in positive ways through our kids. Though we know many kids may look to leave the area after high school and look to build their lives beyond our area of New York, we also know many will want to stay in the area. By creating these relationships now, it’s our hope that businesses and organizations will recognize the talented students we have within the district and look to find ways to keep them in the community once they reach adulthood. 

We are constantly looking for new partners. If you are an area business or organization, feel free to reach out to the district office so we can discuss the benefits of partnering. We would love to hear from you and see what we can do to make the future of our students even stronger.