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On this page you can find information about the Sidney Central School transportation system. The Transportation Department is responsible for the travel needs of the school, including daily buses, after-school buses, special-needs buses, late buses and special events transportation such as athletic, and field and conference trips. 

Sidney Central School District Transportation Policy

Based on New York State Education Law, school districts must transport students in grades K-8 who live more than two (2) miles from school and students in grades 9-12 who live more than three (3) miles from school. However, the Sidney Central School District recognizes the needs of the population of the district. With this in mind, the district transport students who live closer than the guidelines set forth by the State Education Department. The following guidelines apply for transporting Sidney Central School District students:

I. Bus transportation shall be provided for:

A. All students in Kindergarten;
Students in grades 1-3 who reside a greater distance than .5 mile from their school of attendance;
B. Students in grades 4-5 who reside a greater distance than .7 mile from their school of attendance; 
C. Students in grades 6-12 who reside outside the village limits or greater than 1.5 miles from their school of attendance. 

II. Transportation to Before and/or After School Child Care

The district will provide transportation to any child attending K-8 between the child’s school and before and/or after school child care locations within the regularly scheduled routes and in accordance with Education Law #3635(1)(e) and the guidelines of this policy (number I above), with written consent from the parent/guardian.

III. Temporary Emergency or Medical Transportation

Alternate transportation will be provided for students who submit sufficient written notification from the student’s parent/guardian to the Transportation Department, with the confines and in accordance with the established bus routes, contingent upon available bus capacity. This alternate transportation is for an occasional situation or an emergency situation and is not for the purpose of an on-going arrangement unless required to satisfy a medical condition.

IV. Transportation From One Public School District To Another

The Sidney Central School District will not transport resident puplils to another public school district when such pupils have been enrolled by parental choice in the other school district (as per Education Law). A student with special needs, as determined by the Sidney Central School District, may be transported to an “out of district” placement to accommodate his/her educational program needs that cannot be met appropriately within the Sidney Central School District.
Riders of the Month
Rider of the Month and Rider of the Year

Sidney Central School District Transportation Department wishes to encourage its students who ride the bus to have the goal of positive ridership and to have less discipline problems and referrals. In that light, the Department wants the involvement of all bus routes and all bus drivers in making a success of promoting a positive riding experience for all students.

The criteria for selection of the Rider of the Month are:

Cooperation: students doing what is asked of them
Attitude: Concern for others
Helpfulness: Keeping the bus orderly and clean
Safety: Following the bus rules and setting a good example
Promptness: Always ready and on time at the bus stop
Students are only eligible to win Rider of the Month one time each school year

The winner of Rider of the Month receives as follows:

All winners are listed on STV (the local TV access channel)
Elementary students receive a certificate and 2 pencils
Middle School students receive a certificate and a pen and a pencil
High School students receive a certificate and two pens
Eligibility for Rider of the Year
There is one Rider of the Month on each regular bus route

 Rider of the Year will receive a plaque at the end of the school year and will have a picnic in his or her honor. The picnic will be hosted by the Transportation Center and will be attended by invited guests for the honorees including their parents, Administrative Staff from the school, the Board of Education members, and a representative from the local newspaper.

Contact Info

Sidney CSD Transportation 
990 Circle Drive
Sidney, NY 13838

Phone: 607-561-7710